Subsidy Program for Professionals

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Subsidy Program for Professionals

Take advantage of subsidized advanced training.

Are you planning to take part in advanced professional training? State subsidies can make it happen! For example, the Sachsen-Anhalt WEITERBILDUNG DIREKT subsidy program can reimburse up to 90 percent of your advanced training costs. For an overview of the program and useful examples, please see the Sachsen-Anhalt WEITERBILDUNG DIREKT flyer.

Take advantage of these and other public subsidies by visiting your regional adviser for a consultation on available programs. We can also answer questions you have about the implementation of your advanced training plans, such as regulations about holiday leave during training. 

You can visit us in person or contact us via telephone or email.

For further information on the Sachsen-Anhalt WEITERBILDUNG DIREKT subsidy program and printable application forms, please visit the Investitionsbank Sachsen-Anhaltwebsite.