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Center for Advanced Scientific Training of the Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg, Magdeburg-Stendal College

Otto-von-Guericke-University and Magdeburg-Stendal College collaborate in the area of advanced scientific training and are jointly engaged in the Magdeburg Center for Advanced Scientific Training (ZWW). Their responsibilities include consultation of parties interested in advanced training as well as the conceptualization, organization, and execution of advanced training programs in both schools. The center counts itself as a service provider and point of contact for advanced training stakeholders at both schools. It is also responsible for all conceptual, calculative, and organizational matters. An additional goal of the collaboration is to increase the permeability between academic and vocational education.

The services offered by the Center for Advanced Scientific Training (ZWW) are intended for:

  • Employees and individuals seeking advanced scientific training
  • Companies and organizations seeking suitable advanced training for their staff
  • Students of the two participating Magdeburg colleges who need support in the development and execution of their advanced training plans.

The colleges' advanced training offerings include extra-occupational study programs, certification programs, seminar series and individual events.

Advanced Training Center of Anhalt College


  • Assisting companies in the requisite development of professionals and managers
  • Supporting students over the entire course of their studies, their entry into the labor market, and beyond


  • Development, organization, and execution of extra-occupational advanced training programs
  • Organization of events for companies and students (workshops, networking events, company contact trade shows)
  • Arrangements for practical training, topics for scientific papers, and permanent employment


  • extra-occupational academic advanced training programs in various formats (bachelor, master, modular- and certificate programs) and with various focuses of study
  • Job placement via the portal

Merseburg College

Advanced Training and Personnel Transfer Department

Merseburg College consists of three departments: Engineering and Natural Sciences, Economics and Information Sciences, and Social Work/Media/Culture. In addition to our full-time bachelor and master studies programs, we offer two dual-degree programs and six vocational/advanced training programs.

For companies and professionals, our Advanced Training and Personnel Transfer Department offers:

  • Advanced scientific training programs for employees and companies
  • Consultation on advanced scientific training
  • Assistance in identifying advanced training needs
  • Information on financial subsidies for advanced scientific training and extra-occupational advanced training or university studies

For prospective students, we offer:

  • Preparatory courses for secondary school graduates and prospective students (e.g. introductory mathematics, introductory economics, or a KOMPASS orientation semester)
  • Preparatory course for prospective students without high school matriculation (preparation for assessment tests)
  • Career services and graduate placement
  • Jobs for students